50 drops of PHP

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This book collects 50 useful, unknown, underrated PHP functions or stuff discovered, used, learned during the PHP daily use.

Using frameworks daily, sometimes the perception of the power of the language and of the basic functionalities provided by the PHP core could be lost.

I see that usually I used to look at the framework documentation or look for a package in Packagist for system, array, string functions instead using core functionalities provided by the language.

Update v1.0.3 (10 December 2021): added a bonus chapter that includes a cheat sheet with PHP array functions.

If you can't access to this PDF file, this book is available also in "open source" format. On this GitHub repository: https://github.com/roberto-butti/50-drops-of-php you can find:

  • markdown files (in content/ directory);

  • examples PHP snippets files (in examples/ directory).

  • Exploring 50 PHP functions / hints / tips

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  • Exploring 50 PHP functions / hints / tips
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50 drops of PHP

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